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Kristiina & Karin
Co-Founders of Sisbond


“We believe that each and every one of us has a special talent. You just have to find it and share it with the world. We have curated a selection of premium products with great stories from the brand owners we adore. We are also here to share the stories behind brands, women, families, but also our personal ‘aha’ moments of life and product testing. Sharing is caring!”

Reet Härmat
TV host and Beauty Specialist

“Self-care and nurturing inner harmony are integral to my daily rituals.” For us at Sisbond, Reet is Estonia’s foremost beauty luminary, known not only for her expertise but also for her warmth and sweetness. We’re excited to unveil her story and her Top Picks in our e-shop.

Kristine Stakena
Media and event professional

Our dear friend Kristine, a media and event professional from Latvia gives us some good life hacks: “Be open to new experiences, occasionally say yes first and think later… and relish the journey. Embrace the diversity in others, recognizing and celebrating it. Strive to be empathetic yet mindful of your boundaries, know when to say no. And above all maintain a bright smile and stay positive —it’s crucial for navigating life’s twists and turns.”

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